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Conference Main Themes

Conference main theme includes:
Language Teaching, Learning and Research: Initiating Change and Shaping the Future.

Conference Sub-themes
Conference sub-themes includes:


* Methodologies in Second/Foreign Language Teaching
* Materials Design
* Content-based Instruction
* CALL and ICT Initiatives
* Critical and Creative Thinking
* Professional and Teacher Development

* Special Needs
* Literature in the Language Classroom
* Learner Autonomy
* Collaborative Learning
* Learning Skills and Strategies
* Communicative Competencies

* Quantitative and Qualitative ESP Research Approaches
* Multiple Intelligences
* Computer-aided Instruction
* Sociolinguistics, Language Instruction and New Information
* Psycholinguistics
* Pragmatics
* Needs Analysis

Issues in Language Teaching
* Language Assessment and Testing
* Development of Cross-cultural Competence and Second Language / Culture Identity
* Curriculum and Syllabus Design
* Technology and Literacy
* Development Continuums (School to University)
* Language Learning and Teaching Adult Learners

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact the conference manager at: iolc2008@ioksp.com




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